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Hazards of the American Workplace



Working, like the rest of life, comes with risks – everything from injury to sexual harassment to even death. Industries are affected in different ways, but none are immune. Our team examined the dangers facing truckers, sex workers, subway conductors and others – putting faces to the statistics detailing the hazards of the American workplace.

Workplace injuries in 2016

Dangers On The Job

The Fight For Workers’ Rights

The modern U.S. labor movement took hold at the turn of the last century, as workers organized to fight for their rights and their safety. They banded together in unions to demand better conditions collectively, becoming a major force. But now only about 10 percent of workers belong to unions, whose power have waned.  Here’s a short history.

#MeToo in the Workplace

The #MeToo movement emerged in late 2017 following allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Women around the world responded with their own stories of abuse.

The problem goes beyond entertainment industry: Women in low-wage jobs can be especially vulnerable. Meet some women working to change that – from acting students to farm workers.


Percent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Source: CNBC Poll


Percent of men say they have been sexually harassed at work. Source: CNBC Poll

Journalists At Risk

In its 2017 prison census, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported 262 journalists were behind bars worldwide for doing their job. It marked the highest number since the organization started collecting the data in the early 1990s, and beat the former record — 259 journalists — in 2016.

Number of journalists currently behind bars worldwide

Journalists serving sentences on anti-state charges

Journalists charged with reporting false news

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