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#MeToo in the Theatre

How NYU Graduate Acting students handle unwanted situations backstage

Britian Seibert and Raquel Chavez are graduate acting students at New York University. They say sexual harassment is pervasive in the theater industry and that talking about it is the first step towards ending it. Seibert says if a theater isn’t a safe space, it could kill creative minds will be inhibited from doing their best work.

Freedom Fast

Florida Farm Workers Call Times Up on Sexual Harassment

Wendy’s is one of the last major retailers in the US not to have signed up to the Fair Food Program which advocates say helps protect farm workers from exploitation and sexual assault.  Florida farm workers travelled to New York City to take part in a five day hunger strike in the hopes of convincing Wendy’s to sign on to the deal.

Skydive in 360

Discover the risks and security measures that lie behind a Skydiving lesson

Skydiving coach Gorka Amian explains all the extreme procedures, security measures and protocols that are necessary in this complex profession. Through the use of a compelling 360/VR,  this video follows the action in real time as student and teacher plunge towards the ground.

Bike Couriers Brave New York City’s Streets

The risks of delivering food and messages on crowded streets 

Bike messengers are an integral part of New York City, but the traffic doesn’t make their job any easier. With congested bike lanes and mounting fines, they have to be alert with every turn. City rules don’t make their lives any easier.


The Road to Serfdom: Deregulation and Worker Safety in the Trucking Industry

Often working as independent contractors, truckers are  extremely vulnerable to exploitation

Pedro Cedeno moved from Ecuador to become a trucker in 1998 because he was told he could make a comfortable living for himself. He was not aware that he would end up working as an independent contractor, a classification that forces him to pay his own expenses for things like fuel tolls, tires, repairs and maintenance.

Unions: A Brief History

A brief history of the labor movement in the United States.

Back since the turn of the last century, workers have had to fight for their rights and for their safety.  They banded together in unions to demand better conditions collectively.  Since then, unions’ popularity has grown and then waned.

City Transit Workers Fight Back Against Assaults

MTA workers say “No more” to assaults by the public

According to Transport Workers Union (TWU) local 100, an MTA frontline employee — conductor, train operator, station agent, cleaner or bus driver — is assaulted every 36 hours. TWU members are fed up with inaction from the MTA and are organizing to make the public aware of these dangerous incidents.

Sex Workers Endangered By New Bill

Moves to prevent sex trafficking could put sex workers at greater risk

For sex workers like Akynos, websites like Craigslist and Backpage were a reliable source for finding clients and income. But those listings are no longer available because of a new law President Trump recently signed called Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. The bill, also known as FOSTA, may have unintended consequences for consensual sex workers. 


Construction Deaths

Vigilance is What it Takes to Busk Safely